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The Petschek Method

Become the Architect of Your Own Destiny!

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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Action-Oriented, Results-Driven, Science-Backed Techniques to Achieve Unprecedented Levels of Business Success and Prosperity

Ever felt like your business is capable of more, but something's holding you back? If you're battling procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, or your hard work isn't translating into success, it might not just be external challenges at play. The root could be deeper, within your subconscious.

Take our Quiz to find out if Unconscious Beliefs are Limiting Your Financial Success.

Embrace the Catalyst for Unparalleled Achievement!

It's Time for a Change.

It's ok, I've struggled with these same issues with trying to launch and grow my coaching business. You're not alone.

I understand the deep impact your subconscious thoughts have on your life and your business - not just emotionally, but in the very wiring of your brain. Whether it's fear of success, deeply ingrained beliefs about money, or a subconscious resistance to change, these barriers keep you from reaching your full potential. It's frustrating to know the steps to success but feel paralyzed to take them.

I've also witnessed the incredible transformation that's possible.

Through my unique coaching approach, The Petschek Method, I've

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helped countless business owners step out of their own way and into a life of success and prosperity. For over 2 decades, I have been dedicated to helping people integrate the same high performance mindset tactics used by top performing athletes to transform them into top performing business gurus.

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The point?

Trust me when I tell you there's a way forward.

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In the sea of advice and strategies, it's easy to drown in "what-ifs" and "how-tos," but If you are a business owner who is…


Tired of 'solutions' that create more problems than they solve


Struggling to see a future of prosperity


Sick of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and broke

What if you could dismantle every barrier and propel your toward unparalleled levels of achievement?

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When you embark on this journey with me...

You Will...

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Break free of mediocrity and rise to top

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Follow a science-backed, step-by-step process to train your brain how to think your way to riches

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Say hello to endless reserves of energy

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Embrace your true potential and start living the life you deserve

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Experience mental clarity, improved decision making, and high motivation

In case you think this sounds too good to be true, here’s what a few clients have to say:

Nicole's mindset tools and her supportive role as a brain trainer allowed me to discover and develop my passion for photography professionally.

HRH Prince Michele de Yougoslavie

S.Gothenburg Marketing Manager Sweden

Nicole’s perceptive questions guided me so that I could see where to make pertinent changes .She taught me how to self –release anxieties.Her astute insight into my personal issue allowed me to address the situation with a new approach resulting in instantaneous respectful interactions with my business relationships.I am happy to recommend Nicole Petschek as a personal and business results coach. Nicole is an excellent ‘results provoking coach’. I reached my goal.

Nicole has shown me how to integrate tools into my daily life that allow me to cut through the negative mental noise and get straight to solutions.

These solutions are what have allowed me to create a life where I actually thrive so if you want to reprogram your brain and get results then talk to Nicole.

Kristine Offut - Ibiza Spain

Property Manager & DJ

A new business venture was causing my apprehension and stress. After working with Nicole, I feel fantastic, my confidence levels in every aspect of my life have improved. The day to day running of my business is now a pleasure. I couldn't recommend her enough.

Carole Fraser Entrepreneur Moroccan Oils

Peter Johnston - Accenture

Subsequent to negative trends in my department’s turnover and profits, I decided to approach my work targets from a new view point. Nicole Petschek’s reputation as a successful neuro-linguistic goals coach made her an obvious choice. After the full day course her ‘24/7 Hands- on’ support package proved invaluable in making certain that my ‘NEW’ way of thinking became naturally embedded and my Divisions subsequent results showed a distinct positive trend.I highly recommend Nicole Petschek. Her quick and sensitive grasp of a situation allows her to find the positive aspects which she combines with a tremendous positive energy while she coaches her clients successfully to their targets.

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My business owners achieve unprecedented levels of business success and prosperity with Action-Oriented, Results-Driven, Science-Backed Techniques


become the architect of your destiny!

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Yes! I Want to Take Control of My Life!

The Petschek Method isn't just a theory...

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The Petschek Method offers a practical, easy-to-adopt toolkit for small business owners. This method isn't just about temporary fixes; it's about creating lasting change in how you handle business stress and decision-making. Small business owners who've embraced this method report not just improved business outcomes but transformed personal well-being.

With over 100 clinical trials backing EFT, and countless small business owners experiencing breakthroughs...

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The proof is in the pudding. Reduce anxiety by 40%, depression by 35%, and an increase in happiness by 31%—these aren't just numbers; they're transformations.


Experience the Transformation:

In the Level 1 Program, you'll receive:

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Business Planning, Goal Setting and Coaching with 20 year industry vet Cheryl Evans at the Business Witch Academy

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Transformational Mindshifts: Enabling you to ignite significant changes from within, fostering a mindset geared towards success and resilience.

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Actionable Steps with Clear Guidance: Allowing you to achieve rapid, tangible results and make significant strides to resolve your business challenges.

On-Demand Video Course: To empower your journey with knowledge, ensuring you harness the full power of EFT for business growth. Learn when you want so it fits into your schedule.

Neuroscience-Informed Curriculum: Equipping you with strategies to master your mental and emotional landscape, retraining your brain for enhanced focus, creativity, and problem-solving.

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Weekly Group Coaching with Nicole Petschek: Ensuring you receive the targeted support, insights, and motivation you need to overcome specific obstacles and maximize your potential.

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Engagement in a Supportive Community: Sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach it. In this group we actively support each other which facilitates faster, deeper results inside your brain, the

comfort of knowing you're not doing this

alone, and the added benefit of

business networking.

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Syllabus: The Petschek Method Level 1

  • Introduction
  • Neuroscience behind EFT
  • Real Life Examples
  • Archieve Fast Results with the Quick Start Method
  • EFT Tapping Methods Part 1
  • Stress Management with Tapping
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • The Famous Movie Technique
  • The Peace Procedure
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Become the Architect of Your Future
  • Identifying Root Causes
  • Tap Out Phobias and Fears
  • Managing Emotions
  • Manifesting Financial Abundance
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About Nicole

Reflecting on my life's blend of achievements and challenges, I see a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped me into a guide for others navigating their darkest moments. I'm Nicole Petschek, and my journey of self-discovery and transformation has illuminated a path I now share with you.

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From being a competitive downhill skier and pro-am polo player to a leading events planner in Chelsea, each role has taught me resilience and the transformative power of the mind.


At 47, facing a life-altering breakup, I stepped into a therapist's office and discovered the mind's power as my ally. This epiphany set me on a path of healing and self-discovery. My belief in the mind's healing power was confirmed when, facing a critical injury before a major polo championship, I used mental techniques learned from world-renowned mentors to heal in record time and compete.

Yet, my most profound challenges were not physical but mental and emotional. Despite external successes, I battled with unhealthy habits and a sense of unfulfillment, masking my internal turmoil. At 48, facing a reflection of someone I barely recognized, overweight and numbing pain with food and alcohol, I chose to fight for the life I deserved.

My transformation journey led me to seek out mentors around the world, where ancient wisdom, mindfulness, and techniques like EFT reshaped my life. I learned that transformation is a shared journey, enriched by vulnerability and community support.

I've since dedicated myself to guiding entrepreneurs like you to achieve unparalleled levels of success and prosperity. From Prince Michele de Yougoslavie and Peter Johnston, a renowned former head of Accenture, to small business owners selling Moroccan oils and European DJs rocking the dance floor, I've worked all over the world with people in every stage of life and business to re-wire their brains and help them reach new pinnacles of success that they never thought possible.

As a member of the ICF International Coach Federation, I ensure my coaching is effective, ethical, and professional.

My holistic approach focuses on mind, body, and spirit, empowering entrepreneurs to break free of the limits placed on them by their subconscious and rewrite their success stories. My mission is to help you thrive, turning obstacles into opportunity and struggles into strength.

If you're ready for a change, I'm here to guide you through The Petschek Method, uncovering blocks, navigating obstacles, and celebrating victories, together rewriting your story towards achievement and prosperity.

Welcome to The Petschek Method

and your journey with me.


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Welcome to your new beginning.

Welcome to a life of empowerment and success.

Welcome to The Petschek Method and your journey with me, Nicole Petschek.

Nicole seems amazing and I need her wisdom in my life!

successful business women educated female leaders

If you could improve your self-esteem, find greater happiness in life, save your marriage, improve your performance, improve your health, and even get ahead in your career - would "priceless" be the appropriate word for that transformation?

The Petschek Method offers more than just a coaching program; it rewires your brain and alters ingrained negative habits to create a blueprint for building a future where you are in control, thriving in your personal life, and flourishing in your relationships. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, creating a legacy of personal achievement and relational harmony that lasts a lifetime.

A Transformation That Pays Dividends

Imagine investing in a venture with the promise of ongoing returns. That's what you're doing when you invest in personal growth through our program. The benefits—increased self-awareness, enhanced quality of life, and deeper, more meaningful relationships—extend far beyond the program's duration. It's an investment in becoming the architect of your own destiny, with the benefits far outweighing the initial cost.

An investment in the quality of your life is the best investment you can ever make. The Petschek Method is designed to provide you with tools, knowledge, and strategies that will serve you for a lifetime, offering you a pathway to personal growth and improved relationships.

The True Value of Time in Personal Growth

In the rhythm of everyday life, where every tick of the clock seems accounted for, the notion of embarking on a journey of personal growth can feel like a distant dream. "I don't have the time," becomes a refrain, a barrier to the transformative experiences that await. Yet, this perceived scarcity of time often masks a deeper truth: it's not about having time; it's about making time for what truly matters.

Prioritizing Your Transformation

Consider for a moment the things we make time for, often without second thought. We carve out moments for daily routines, spend hours at the salon, doom scroll through social media, or bing-watch the latest series on Netflix. Yet, when it comes to investing in our own personal growth and the health of our relationships, hesitation takes hold. What if the realignment of priorities could unlock doors to new possibilities? The Petschek Method is more than a program; it's an invitation to place your well-being and relational harmony at the top of your list.

A Legacy of Time Well Spent

The individuals who have walked this path before you weren't afforded more hours in their day; they simply chose to invest their time differently. By prioritizing their growth, they found not only did their personal lives flourish but their perception of time transformed. Tasks became more manageable, relationships more fulfilling, and what once felt like a race

against the clock became a harmonious rhythm of life. This isn't merely about finding time; it's about crafting a legacy of time well spent.

An Investment in Now for a Richer Tomorrow

Embracing The Petschek Method doesn't ask you to find extra hours hidden in your day but to reconsider what deserves the hours you have.

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It's an investment in the now for a richer, more connected tomorrow. Every minute dedicated to your growth is a step toward a life where time becomes not a foe to be battled but a friend to be cherished.

By choosing to embark on this journey, you're not just managing your time; you're transforming it into a vessel for profound change. The question then shifts from "Do I have the time?" to "What better way could I possibly invest my time?" With The Petschek Method, you're not spending time; you're gaining a life lived to its fullest potential, one where every moment counts towards building a future where you are in control, thriving both personally and in your relationships. Let this be the moment you decide that your growth and your relationships are worth every second.

The Petschek


Link Your Mind to Your Goals

Become the Architect of Your Destiny Today!

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