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The Petschek Method

Become the Architect of Your Own Destiny!

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It's Time for a Change.

Empowering Trauma Survivors: Transformative Coaching for Women Rebuilding from Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

  • Not sure how to move past the trauma of domestic violence or sexual assault?

  • Feeling like your past experiences are dictating your future?

  • Looking for a way to reclaim your life and find true empowerment?

Transform Your Trauma

into Triumph!

I've walked a path similar to yours.

I understand the deep impact trauma has on your life - not just emotionally, but in the very wiring of your brain. I've seen firsthand how unresolved trauma clouds your decision making and your vision of your future.

I've also witnessed the incredible transformation that's possible.

Through my unique coaching approach, The Petschek Method, I've helped countless women step out of the shadows of their past and into a life of empowerment and fulfillment.

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The point?

Trust me when I tell you there's a way forward.

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If you are a woman who has survived domestic violence, sexual assault, or life with a narcissist, and you are…


Tired of feeling controlled by your past experiences


Struggling to see a future beyond your trauma


Looking for a way to rebuild your life with confidence and clarity

Are you ready to change your life with

the petschek method?

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When you embark on this journey with me...

You Will...

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No longer feel held back by your past, but empowered to shape your future

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Transition from survivor to Thriver

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Embrace your true potential and start living the life you deserve

In case you think this sounds too good to be true, here’s what a few clients have to say:

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Kristine Offut - Ibiza Spain

Property Manager & DJ

I truly appreciate Nicole as a coach because along with her deep knowledge of brain science she also has the no nonsense tough love approach to coaching. Nicole has shown me how to integrate tools into my daily life that allow me to cut through the negative mental noise and get straight to solutions.

These solutions are what have allowed me to create a life where I actually thrive so if you want to reprogram your brain and get results then talk to Nicole.

Carlina M -Mother of 4

I approached Nicole Petschek through the recommendation of a mutual friend. I must admit that I had high doubts a coach helping me and my four children. I’d gone through a deteriorating and toxic relationship which hurt not only me, but all of us. Our family was on the verge of destruction. Three months with Nicole changed our lives. I learned new ways to listen to and respond to my children. The positive effects on them individually and us as a family were clearly evident, very quickly. The negative emotions and our tendency to hold on to them, was slowly transformed into positiveness. I can not say it was easy and that we as a family did not rebel against Nicole. However, the struggle was worth it! Today we are united, thriving and happy!!!!!!

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I empower women who have faced abuse to reclaim their lives.

This is the catalyst for unparalleled healing!


become the architect of your destiny!

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Yes! I Want to Take Control of My Life!

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Experience the Transformation:

During my 12-week training program, you'll receive:

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Mindshift Workshops: Ignite the spark of change within.

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Actionable Steps: Achieve rapid results with clear, structured guidance.

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Neuroscience-Based Course: Retrain your brain for total life control.

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Weekly Coaching Sessions: Receive personalized support from Nicole Petschek.

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A Supportive Community: Connect with others who understand and care.

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  • G.R.O.W. Workshop Parts 1 & 2
  • Introduction
    • Neuroscience behind EFT
    • Real Life Examples
    • EFT Process part 1
  • EFT Process Part 2: Alternative Methods
  • G.R.O.W. Workshop Part 3: G.R.O.W. with EFT
  • Apply G.R.O.W. & EFT
  • Mind Control: 3 Screen Technique
  • Mind Control: Reinforcement
  • Integrating G.R.O.W., EFT & Mind Control
  • Deep Dive on G.R.O.W. Options
  • Importance of Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • Your 90 Day Roadmap
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From Anxiety to Confidant

I am a survivor who went from having sleepless nights and anxiety to being confidant and truly happy thanks to Nicole Petschek.

About Nicole

Reflecting on my life's blend of achievements and challenges, I see a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped me into a guide for others navigating their darkest moments. I'm Nicole Petschek, and my journey of self-discovery and transformation has illuminated a path I now share with you.

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From being a competitive downhill skier and pro-am polo player to a leading events planner in Chelsea, each role has taught me resilience and the transformative power of the mind.


At 47, facing a life-altering breakup, I stepped into a therapist's office and discovered the mind's power as my ally. This epiphany set me on a path of healing and self-discovery. My belief in the mind's healing power was confirmed when, facing a critical injury before a major polo championship, I used mental techniques learned from world-renowned mentors to heal in record time and compete.

Yet, my most profound challenges were not physical but mental and emotional. Despite external successes, I battled with unhealthy habits and a sense of unfulfillment, masking my internal turmoil. At 48, facing a reflection of someone I barely recognized, overweight and numbing pain with food and alcohol, I chose to fight for the life I deserved.

My transformation journey led me to seek out mentors around the world, where ancient wisdom, mindfulness, and techniques like EFT reshaped my life. I learned that healing is a shared journey, enriched by vulnerability and community support.

I've since dedicated myself to guiding women through their healing journeys, drawing on my personal transformation and professional training in NLP, coaching, and energy medicine. As a member of the ICF International Coach Federation, I ensure my coaching is effective, ethical, and professional.

My holistic approach focuses on mind, body, and spirit, empowering women to reclaim their power and rewrite their stories. My mission is to help you thrive, turning pain into power and struggles into strength.

If you're ready for healing, I'm here to guide you through The Petschek Method, uncovering blocks, navigating pain, and celebrating victories, together rewriting your story towards empowerment and healing.

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Welcome to your new beginning.

Welcome to a life of empowerment and healing.

Welcome to The Petschek Method and your journey with me, Nicole Petschek.

Nicole seems amazing and I need her wisdom in my life!

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Trauma's Impact on the Brain

When you experience trauma, it's not just an emotional response; it fundamentally alters the way your brain operates. Scientifically speaking, trauma can rewire your neural pathways. Imagine your brain as a bustling city with numerous roads and highways. Normally, traffic flows smoothly, allowing thoughts and emotions to travel seamlessly. However, when trauma occurs, it's like a massive roadblock suddenly appears, disrupting this flow. Your brain, trying to protect you, might create new, less efficient routes.

These detours can lead to heightened anxiety, difficulty in processing emotions, and changes in how you respond to future stress. It's as if your brain's GPS has been reprogrammed, making certain routes - like those leading to calmness or happiness - harder to access. Your experiences post-trauma aren't just "in your head" in a figurative sense, but are rooted in very real, physical alterations in your brain's structure and function. This knowledge is a crucial step towards healing, as it underscores that with the right support and strategies, it's possible to 'rebuild' those roads in your brain, gradually restoring smoother, healthier thought and emotional patterns.

Conventional Therapy & Coaching May Not Suit Everyone

Working with coaches who lack a deep understanding of trauma or employ overly assertive techniques can be counterproductive. In addition, coaches who haven't personally experienced trauma may not fully grasp your unique experiences and reactions, leading to a sense of your experiences being misunderstood or dismissed entirely. This has been both my personal experience and that of many of my clients.

Moreover, standard methods of talk therapy aren't effective for all individuals because it doesn't address the structural changes inside the brain. Some people manage to rebuild those roads on their own, over time, to one degree of success or another, but The Petchek Method turns your brain into an active construction zone, fully funded, fully staffed, and authorized for overtime to fast-track you to healing, growth and ultimately control.

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